Omphalos Fund is an AI-powered investment fund based on the software designed and developed by AI Investments. The objective of the fund is to generate outstanding returns with controlled risk. We are using software created by AI Investments Ltd. It is a complete investment platform created to offer outstanding return-to-risk results based on the latest achievements of AI in time-series prediction, machine learning and portfolio optimization.

AI Investments is a pioneer in using the latest achievements of AI for investing. The platform is powered by cutting edge AI technology based on the Deepmind Alpha GO research – a unique futurecasting approach based on Monte Carlo Tree Search with neural networks. It also uses the most advanced time series forecasting methods, including winning M4 Competition methods.

How to save $175.000,00 on the cloud?

How to save $175.000,00 on the cloud? How does automated management of cloud resources save and strengthen business? In our everyday work, we use AI Investments Ltd. solution, the AI-based...

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Ompahlos Fund supports Ukraine. We have never invested and will not invest in any Russian assets (stocks, bonds, currencies and others). We also do not accept Russian capital or Russian investors.

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